CEO/Executive Performance Management

Boards are under tremendous pressure to answer a number of critical questions from shareholders, members, funders and other external stakeholders:

  • Is the CEO providing the leadership necessary to deliver shorter-term performance results while at the same time delivering progress on longer-term strategic priorities?
  • Does the CEO have the right leadership attributes to drive necessary change and deliver future performance?
  • Are levels of trust and confidence in leadership sufficiently high to build critical stakeholder support?
  • Does the organization have sufficient horsepower - a strong organizational culture and top-notch leadership team?

Chrysalis Group has developed a proprietary board survey evaluation/approach called PATHways to Performance. The comprehensive CEO/executive tool is best suited to nonprofit and business boards that want to expand their current definition of performance beyond financial and market-driven metrics.

  • Performance Management
  • Executive Compensation
  • Coaching and Development