Executive Coaching

The higher you rise in an organization and, as your decisions become more important, the more difficult it is to find sources of direct and honest feedback and information. Chrysalis Group can provide objective feedback and support in a confidential environment. A great coach listens, challenges your conventional thinking, helps tap into your strengths and works around gaps – so you can operate at your best and direct the organizational impact you desire.

We also specialize in providing coaching support to Board Chairs as they adapt to the demands of their new portfolio of governance responsibilities. We have worked with many Board Chairs, helping them uncover their Board leadership style and quickly establish a trusted and consistent working relationship with the CEO. The goal is to effect a reasonably seamless chair transition for both Board members and the CEO, We also bring with us a unique expertise providing coaching support to CEOs working to adapt to a new Board chair. The objective is to shorten the transition period, minimize disruption and quickly establish a highly effective working relationship.

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