Improved Compensation Decision Making Consistency


A media company was successfully broadening audience reach by acquiring a number of companies. It became clear that the diversity of incentive practices, approaches to goals setting, car allowances and salary levels were contributing to confusion and interfered with building a unified corporate culture. The CEO and VP HR knew it was time build a corporate compensation system that would potentially lead to some tough decision-making.


Chrysalis Group worked with the compensation team to define a corporate compensation strategy, determine market-competitive practices, align performance measures and incentives plans more closely, as well as develop a change implementation plan that phased in changes at a reasonable pace. A broad communication program for compensation change was put in place. Chrysalis Group travelled the country, explained the program and answered the tough questions around the rationale for change, the change plan, and the implications for the various people affected. As a result, there was less negative reaction to the compensation changes than the company had anticipated.