Chrysalis Group‘s expertise and experience is uniquely positioned to assist Boards with some of their most difficult governance accountabilities. CEO/executive performance evaluation and compensation decision-making support are our areas of recognized expertise. We work with clients to construct a performance management framework that:

  • Defines only the most important annual results to be attributed to the CEO.
  • Builds performance outcome measures for key strategic priorities.
  • Verifies that leaders are developing engaged senior teams and productive organizational cultures.
  • Ensures leaders are maximizing external relationship opportunities with primary stakeholders.
  • Determines how best to link pay and performance.
  • Maximizes the effectiveness of the relationship between the Board and its CEO/executive.

We provide a tried and tested approach to CEO/executive performance evaluation that not only provides rich feedback, but also contributes to consistent and fair compensation decision making. Our skills and experience in executive coaching ensure that performance feedback leads to constructive change, the deepening of leadership skills and the effectiveness of the Board-CEO/executive relationship.


CEO/ executive performance evaluation and pay-for-performance decision making can lead to challenging and controversial outcomes. They can contribute to Board divisiveness, or a shift in the relationship between the Board and its CEO. Chrysalis Group’s experienced, third-party perspective brings counsel and support that can cut through any divisions, enhance internal board dynamics and strengthen the Board-CEO relationship.


It can be a major challenge to state the obvious. Chrysalis Group addresses issues with sensitivity and fairness. We get things out in the open in a way that moves the Board, CEO/executive and the broader organization forward constructively and with deep respect. Our clients develop stronger, clearer and more constructive Board-CEO relationships as a result of our methods and coaching support.


What we don’t see is often more critical than what we do see. It’s challenging to perceive the whole picture from a single vantage point. Chrysalis Group skillfully gathers evidence and comprehensive feedback from multiple sources and provides meaningful and actionable insights that are not readily visible, but are often the most important for enhancing performance.


It is time consuming and often controversial to conduct annual CEO/executive performance evaluations and make evidence-based compensation decisions. Chrysalis Group has a methodology and approach that makes the best use of Board members’ time while adding significant value. We commit to understanding your specific organizational context, meeting the leaders and modifying our approach to address specific client issues and interpersonal dynamics. We commit to enhancing the quality of decision-making while using client time and resources wisely.


Board and Committee Chairs change frequently. Each Chair brings new ideas about a preferred approach to CEO/executive performance evaluation and compensation decision-making. We believe a consistent approach to CEO/executive performance management can lead to longer term organizational success. This consistency also contributes to strengthen CEO/executive relationships, reduce administrative Board activity and improve the quality of Board discussion and decision making. Chrysalis Group has many Board clients with which we have worked for over 5 years in supporting the annual CEO/executive performance evaluation and associated compensation decision making.